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Description: 75 cl bottle. Fresh aromatic wine with intense, ripe tropical fruit and mineral flavours balanced with refreshing acidity and a persistent finish. Great with salmon, scallops and Asian cuisine!
Region: Douro, Favaios
Year: 2015
Grape varieties: Moscatel Galego Branco
Alcohol percentage: 13.5%

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This wine is named after the Hoopoe (Poupa) a striking crested bird that spends its summers in Douro avoiding the North African heat. The plateau around Favaios is relatively cool compared to the searing temperatures of the valley below. Moscatel Galego Branco (a variety of the Muscat grape) is the main white grape in this area and the cooler temperatures along with state of the art winery at Quinta da Faisca ensure that the lovely tropical aromas are wonderfully preserved. Muscats can be cloyingly sweet but this is a dry wine; the floral and lychee flavours balanced with a lively acidity.

Fermentation is carried out in stainless steel vats with ageing on fine lees.

2 reviews for Lacrau

  1. Richard Ashton

    Refreshingly different dry white for drinking as an aperitif or with seafood and lightly spiced Asian cooking. Dry Moscatels are a bit of a rarity, so this wine usually excites comment. Exotic and delicately perfumed on the nose, crisp and cool on the palate, with a satisfying length. More substantial than most vinhos verdes, and more elegant.

  2. Tom Cannavan

    Rui Cunha is the ace winemaker behind the ‘Secret Spot’ project along with business partner Gonçalo Sousa Lopes, producing wines in the Douro Valley including those in the Vale da Poupa range. I really loved this expression of Muscat: so often aromatically fabulous in dry wines, but disappointing on the palate. Not here, where the the overflowing floral and lychee aromas, a touch of elderflower, burst onto the palate with vivid fruitiness and tingling acidity to cut through the creamy body.

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