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Fizz Feast


Fizz Feast

1. Loureiro Espumante Bruto
2. Vértice Rosé Espumante Brut
3. 2007 Vértice Pinot Noir Espumante



Loureiro Espumante Bruto
This Loureiro Espumante Bruto from Adega Ponte de Lima is in effect a sparkling Vinho Verde, from the Minho region in the far northwest of Portugal and made from Loureiro one of Vinho Verde's mainstay grape varieties. Tom Cannavan describes it as having ‘an attractive lemony zest, a crispness to the mousse, with plenty of pert apple fruit and a hint of straw and flowers. Nine months of secondary fermentation in bottle adds a little creaminess, but it stays fresh and zippily moreish’

Vértice Rosé Espumante Brut
The Vértice Rosé Espumante Brut is from Caves Transmontanos high above the Douro valley in Portugal. It is made from Touriga Franca grapes and described by Wine Advocate Mark Squires as ‘crisp, with a red-wine profile, this wine has concentration and balance between its sugar, fruit and acidity. It finishes dry but not steely. It has been spending longer on the lees, said winemaker Celso Pereira, and it shows. The quality keeps increasing and it is a nice performance at a nice price’

2007 Vértice Pinot Noir Espumante
The 2007 Vértice Pinot Noir Espumante from is a Blanc de Noir with only five grams per litre of residual sugar; after a long, long time on the lees. Mark Squires notes that ‘This is another of the winery's offerings that often seem simply absurd in terms of low pricing. How can you not back up the truck on a long-aged sparkler like this at this price? This is terrific, with fine depth and a long, juicy finish laced with hints of dried raspberries. Full of flavour and shockingly fruity at this age, it seems young, fresh and easily able to age quite awhile in bottle. Some will prefer to drink it young. Others will appreciate that “old Champagne” feel a decade (or more) from now. This is both delicious and very serious’


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