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Abrigueiros – Casa da Senra


Description: Floral, ripe juicy peach and apple flavours. Fabulous as an aperitif or with salads and cold meats !
Region: Minho, Vinho verde
Year: 2017
Grape varieties: 100% Loureiro.
Alcohol percentage: 12%


Casa de Senra is a wonderful expression of the Loureiro grape traditionally grown in the Lima Valley of Minho region. Produced at Quinta de Abrigueiros near Ponte da Barca this country house has been in the same family for ten generations. Recently the current owner, Paulo Pimenta de Castro Damásio, has been expanding the vineyards and investing in new wine making technology. The vineyard is positioned over a small hill and the vines are trained on simple vertical trellises making the most of the sunshine in this rain drenched region. Loureiro wines usually have apple and citrus flavours but the Casa de Senra has more rounded stone fruit flavours making this a very popular choice for vinho verde afficionados. Casa de Senra also won the prize for the best vinho verde.

medalha verde ouro


  1. Tom Cannavan

    What a lovely place this Vinho Verde is in, still fresh as a spring morning and bursting with vivacious sweet fruit and flavour, but with a little bottle age adding a subtle background depth. Crunchy, juicy sliced apple and a hint of something like peach or mango, there’s the faintest trace of spritz to add extra spark and zip, and a lovely core of acidity that shimmers on the finish. A delight.

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